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Built for Supercharging Business Processes

Without a communication channel for process, information gets lost and teams get disjointed. Parallel is a dedicated channel specifically designed for coordinating process evolution across teams.
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Transform process communications

Distribute responsibility for processes

Assign each process step to a department and an individual owner.

Focus on producing a specific outcome

Select a high priority outcome so that everyone’s contributions align to produce success.

What are people saying?

“We often talk about connecting the dots - but so often it is just talk. Parallel makes it real”

Steve Towers - CEO & Founder, BP Group

Showcase your team’s process efforts

Let your processes tell the larger story of how your team is creating value and for who.

Communicate, Collaborate, Innovate.

Stay connected on processes with in-app messaging and notifications.

We built Parallel for

Process Improvement

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Team Onboarding

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Product/​Service Launches

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You track all your initiatives and keep your stakeholders up-to-date. All at one glance and at your fingertips.

Christian Widmer
Process Excellence Leader

A value-added addition to any Improvement initiative or application you may have

Cristian Matei
Advanced Thinking

Breaking down silos is one of the most important yet most difficult things any company can do...with Parallel, it doesn’t seem so hard any more

James Dodkins
Customer Experience Rockstar, Rockstar CX

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