The NEXT-GEN Content Management System

Instead of sharing files in your old system, reduce costs & get exponential value just by sharing them in Parallel.

You’ll get everything you’re already getting from your current system PLUS you’ll get COMPLETE CONTROL over your content and your business while requiring less effort to maintain.

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Stop content sprawl In its tracks

Give each piece of content a clear purpose that connects to your company’s goals.

Make content easy to use

Share your content with confidence that it will be used by the people who need it.

Make change communications & change itself easy

Embed an awesome change process into your operation so that change isn’t a difficult & costly function to perform.

You are in good company


Get control over your content to maximize outcomes

Connect existing content to goals

Ensure accountability for all content being shared.


Change communication becomes easy

Automatically, individuals receive notifications of the important changes that are specifically relevant to them in their roles.

What people are saying?

“We always talk about connecting strategy and execution - but it is often just that, talk. Parallel is a completely new approach that, at last, makes it real.”

Steve Towers - CEO & Founder, BP Group

Maximizing outcomes becomes easy.

Content development becomes focused on achieving goals for each of your enterprise’s key stakeholders.

Controlling your business becomes easy.

Control your enterprise’s content by stakeholder to control your business.


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Achieve extraordinary financial performance in Parallel

You track all your goals and keep your customers up-to-date. All at one glance and at your fingertips.

Christian Widmer
Process Excellence Leader

It is about time we streamline the way we work together to get things done. Parallel is the first-aid kit for every team when your business is paralysed without focus.

João Guimarães
CEO MWERT Consultoria, Projetos e Gestão

Breaking down silos is one of the most important yet most difficult things any company can do...with Parallel, it doesn’t seem so hard any more.

James Dodkins
Customer Experience Rockstar, Rockstar CX

Simply control your content to produce extraordinary outcomes

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