Working in Parallel

Product/Service Launches

“Give, share and leverage a common customer sense across the entire organization”

Mohamed Belhachemi
Sr. OPEX Consultant, Efficient Partners

Why do we want to improve product/service launches?

When we bring a new product or service to market, it represents a big investment and gamble on the future, often deciding the fate of management and potentially a company.

Products and services aren’t rockets shot off launching pads. They are a journey of continuous improvement that requires the coordination of efforts across many disciplines from strategy to execution and beyond.

Solving your unique problems

Trying to keep everyone on the team plugged in and up-to-date is a lot of work. It’s also time and energy that could be spent improving your product or service.

Working in Parallel, everyone on the team has 24/7 access to a current view of team strategy and execution across your customer journey.

In Parallel, each step in the journey to customer success is owned and kept current by the team’s subject matter experts.

Managing a product or service launch in a project management software enables you to create lists of to-do’s that can get your team to a certain point in time. But what happens to your product or service after that?

Parallel gives teams a system for continuous improvement right from product or service inception.

As a result, all of the team’s efforts can be focused on constantly evolving to produce successful customer outcomes under changing circumstances and market conditions.

From the moment a potential customer discovers your new product or service, they are on a journey that your company hopes will end in success.

Along this journey, different departments will interact with customers in an effort to keep them on a path to success.

Working in Parallel, all departments can clearly understand their customer interactions in the context of the greater journey that their team is intending to deliver through their product or service.

Once you’ve gotten your product or service to market, you need to implement a system to improve it into the future.

Working in Parallel enables teams to co-create the initial process for using your product or service and then continuously improve it post launch.

Having one system for both pre- and post-launch provides operational continuity from day 1, a clear vision for long term success, and a streamlined process for getting better all the time.

Over the life of a product or service, new learnings are generated and changes are required to the original plan.

Working in Parallel, the process for delivering a product or service to market is fluid and is expected to change over time.

In Parallel, all of the steps required to produce a successful customer outcome are independently moving parts in a process that can be collaboratively evolved to optimize performance.

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