About Parallel

“The lack of a fast & easy process for change is slowing down progress in every industry sector and facet of our society.”

Doug Bell
Founder, Parallel

I’ve been solving business problems since I was 8. I was just a regular employee with a manager and teammates, but I also had the perspective of the company president & the executive vice president - my grandfather and my dad. So when I was put in a stockroom and told to retrieve merchandise the salespeople requested, I started innovating to see how fast I could do it. I got to the point where I was anticipating which merchandise they would need based on where on the sales counter they were. And I worked every day to innovate my process which kept me super excited to go to work everyday. I felt so lucky to be able to get paid to figure out how I could add more & more value for the managers, salespeople and executives who I worked for which brought me great joy.

By 21, I had gained a global perspective having traveled extensively in 1980’s India, Egypt, South Africa, Ecuador and Russia where I experienced wonderful people and beautiful cultures along with human suffering that shouldn’t exist in the modern world. I wanted to contribute to making the world a much better place for everyone. So I developed my ability to solve problems studying engineering & business before starting to consult business leaders at 24, helping them navigate their businesses to their chosen destinations on the fastest, most direct route possible.

I’ve helped hundreds of leaders & have been a global business leader myself over the past 27 years, and there’s one glaring problem that every single one of us struggles with: making change happen. The lack of a fast & easy process for change is slowing down progress in every industry sector and facet of our society. In creating Parallel, I set out to give leaders a fast, easy, turnkey process for change that would make the lives of their teams, customers and shareholders better.

After all, if we could make change easy, we could solve any problems that people are facing in the world today & into the future. We could produce any future we want.

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