Working in Parallel

Process Improvement

“You can easily and visually monitor the progress of efforts that deliver your required or desired outcomes”

Jim Sinur
CEO, Flueresque

Why do we want to improve business processes?

A business process coordinates the behavior of people, systems, information and things to produce business outcomes in support of a business strategy (Gartner).

Without coordinating our efforts and investments, the probability and scale of our success is greatly diminished. Organizations are looking at better outcomes and expect process improvement to deliver them.

Solving your unique problems

Parallel enables you to build a dashboard of your process improvement initiatives and connect them to the stakeholders that power your Senior Management’s business strategies.

After customizing your team’s dashboard, you can share it with Senior Management to provide them with access into how your team is executing against their business strategies and performing towards their goals.

If Senior Management isn’t interested or is focused elsewhere, then focus your process improvements in the areas that do interest them. What stakeholders do they care about most right now? Those stakeholders are the best place to start showing them how powerful teams can be when working in Parallel.

Parallel connects the investments made across departments for each stakeholder in Management’s business strategy.

By tracking performance at the process level, management can clearly see how well the processes are functioning and consequently how well their team is capturing the opportunities they are investing in creating.

Management can operate with confidence and transparency into how their strategies are performing. With clarity, management can make better, faster decisions to capture the total opportunity and optimize ROI.

Parallel showcases all of the process change efforts that your team is conducting on a single dashboard. These efforts are classified by stakeholder, strategic importance, current performance and improvement opportunities.

Everyone on the team can easily see the process change efforts they are responsible for and the efforts to which they are actively contributing.

Parallel makes it easy to add new process change efforts as they are needed by the operation. Working in Parallel ensures that all change efforts can be aligned with the team’s priorities at all times.

Parallel is not a tool for process projects. It is a tool for continuous process improvement. Continuous improvement is a smaller commitment for management because it frees them to change strategies at any time.

By the time a process project is typically executed - from planning to new process launch - the new process is often already outdated. Without continuous process improvement, you’ll always play catch up.

Parallel provides teams with an ongoing, current view of the process eliminating the need for process projects. The team’s energy can be focused on improving the team’s most important business processes in real time.

Successful process improvement takes operational cost out and replaces it with enhanced service and increased revenues.

To ensure that your team’s process improvement efforts are successful, Parallel provides a systematic turnkey approach to coordinating people, systems, information and things to produce business outcomes in support of a business strategy.

We’ve made it easy and free to try so there’s no need for any commitment from management. Just sign up and focus on your management’s most severe pain point first. Once they feel the benefit, they’ll want everyone in the company working in Parallel.

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