• Your Team’s Process for Changing Will Make or Break You

    How would you describe your team’s process for implementing change? So after you decide to take action, how good are you at execution? Don’t feel bad if it’s not a strength. I’ve worked inside hundreds of companies and I’ve honestly never seen a team that really goes after ‘executing change’ holistically. But if ‘executing change’ […]

  • A Machine Engineered to Maximize Team Accomplishments

    The 2020’s have been rough so far and it’s hard to see a fast track to a better future. That’s why we developed a machine to help you and your team operate differently: to move together in the same direction – maximizing accomplishments & time – on the fast track to a better future that […]

  • Blog 8: Maximize Your Time (Life) in a Time Machine
    Maximize Your Time (Life) in a Time Machine

    Welcome Captain. With the keys to a brand new time machine, you now have a choice to make.  You could continue traveling in your current manner, or you could take your time machine for a little spin. The fact that you’re here – reading this – suggests that you may be an innovator who craves […]

  • Blog 7: Your Guide to Making Time Travel (Change) Easy
    Your Guide to Making Time Travel (Change) Easy

    Welcome Captain. We created this simple guide to make getting to your desired future as easy as possible. But it’s important to know that you’re not going to be able to flip a switch and be in your ideal world all at once. You first need to learn how time travel works. And you can […]

  • Your Vehicle for Time Travel (Change) Is Ready for Departure

    Welcome Captain. We’ve been expecting you & understand change is needed. You’re the first one aboard so you’re in charge. A quick overview: your time machine is designed to transport you and your team to a future point in time on the fastest, most efficient route possible. Your time machine’s navigation system is simple to […]

  • 3 Simple Ways to Guarantee Your Team Wins Consistently Over the Long Term

    Everyone wants to win. But winning in a world that is changing at an accelerated pace can leave teams overwhelmed and exhausted. We believe that the key to success, not just today, but for the long term, is agility, and being prepared for constant reevaluation by continuously empathizing with those around you, redefining your purpose […]

  • 4 Simple Ways to Instantly Feel Your Daily Work Is More Meaningful

    90% of business executives understand the importance of having organizational purpose: “an aspirational reason for being which inspires and provides a call to action for an organization and its partners and stakeholders and provides benefit to local and global society.” (Harvard Business Review: The Business Case for Purpose) But to make work more meaningful on […]

  • 4 Ways to Increase the Sensitivity of Your Team’s Empathy for Your Customers

    The Parallel process begins with empathy – an absolute necessity in leaders today. But not just empathizing with how people feel, empathizing with where they want to go. The questions that leaders need to ask are: What are their employees’ and team’s goals? What are their priorities? Aligning your goals with the goals of those […]

  • Doug Bell Junior Working
    My Greatest Lesson from a Lifetime Spent Innovating Businesses

    I’ve been solving business problems since I was 8. I was just a regular employee with a manager and teammates, but I also had the perspective of the company president & the executive vice president – my Pop & Dad.  So when I was assigned to a stockroom and told to retrieve merchandise for salespeople, […]

  • Parallel blog 1 - Our mission & process for acheving it
    Helping Leaders & Their Teams Feel a Sense of Purpose Every Day

    Our mission is to help leaders and their teams feel a sense of purpose every day by connecting their roles to clear and flexible priorities, allowing them to finally find their passions, love their jobs and contribute to a better future for all.