Blog 7: Your Guide to Making Time Travel (Change) Easy

Your Guide to Making Time Travel (Change) Easy

Welcome Captain. We created this simple guide to make getting to your desired future as easy as possible.

But it’s important to know that you’re not going to be able to flip a switch and be in your ideal world all at once. You first need to learn how time travel works. And you can do that together – as a team – by simply doing it. Here’s how:

Start with a single goal so your team can first feel the power of time travel

Once you and your team understand its transformational capabilities, you can freely travel through different dimensions of time. Instead of traveling by month, quarter & year hoping you’ll get where you want to go, you’ll travel in moments – each one propelling you directly to your destination on the fastest, most direct route possible.

So what’s a single goal that your team can use to experience the power of time travel? Your goal could be anything your team needs to accomplish. An example goal would be something like “To deliver care that maximizes the quality of life for families with autistic children.” How does your team want to enhance the lives of your customers?

Bring everyone onboard

Who are all of the people or departments involved in this goal? If you were trying to help families with autistic children, you might say the following departments are involved.

  • Clinical
  • Care Delivery
  • Marketing
  • Government Relations
  • Billing
  • Finance

Big, important goals are impossible to achieve on your own. Who is helping you succeed?

Track the solution on a single display 

The key to time travel is being able to see where you are at any point in time. To make time travel easy for everyone on your team:

  • Track your solution holistically by providing a single place where everyone involved can share their contributions & gain transparency into the contributions of others.
  • Track your solution together into the future by making it easy to see the progress happening in real time.

Time travel is different from how you and your team are currently traveling. Time travel eliminates organizational friction to maximize speed and efficiency to your destination. 

Your time machine – which you can brand with your team name & logo – is ready for departure to a future world that you can create at