• 4 Simple Ways to Instantly Feel Your Daily Work Is More Meaningful

    90% of business executives understand the importance of having organizational purpose: “an aspirational reason for being which inspires and provides a call to action for an organization and its partners and stakeholders and provides benefit to local and global society.” (Harvard Business Review: The Business Case for Purpose) But to make work more meaningful on […]

  • 4 Ways to Increase the Sensitivity of Your Team’s Empathy for Your Customers

    The Parallel process begins with empathy – an absolute necessity in leaders today. But not just empathizing with how people feel, empathizing with where they want to go. The questions that leaders need to ask are: What are their employees’ and team’s goals? What are their priorities? Aligning your goals with the goals of those […]

  • Doug Bell Junior Working
    My Greatest Lesson from a Lifetime Spent Innovating Businesses

    I’ve been solving business problems since I was 8. I was just a regular employee with a manager and teammates, but I also had the perspective of the company president & the executive vice president – my Pop & Dad.  So when I was assigned to a stockroom and told to retrieve merchandise for salespeople, […]

  • Parallel blog 1 - Our mission & process for acheving it
    Helping Leaders & Their Teams Feel a Sense of Purpose Every Day

    Our mission is to help leaders and their teams feel a sense of purpose every day by connecting their roles to clear and flexible priorities, allowing them to finally find their passions, love their jobs and contribute to a better future for all.