A Machine Engineered to Maximize Team Accomplishments

The 2020’s have been rough so far and it’s hard to see a fast track to a better future. That’s why we developed a machine to help you and your team operate differently: to move together in the same direction – maximizing accomplishments & time – on the fast track to a better future that you choose.

This machine makes it easy to:

  1. Invite your team aboard and assign everyone roles so that everybody is together traveling to the same place.
  1. Have everyone communicate on the parts of the operation for which they are responsible so that everybody knows what accomplishments everybody else is working towards, and how they all work together.
  1. Track progress on a single display so that actual team accomplishments can be viewed and maximized at any moment in time. 
  1. Stay in sync with notifications so that everybody sees the accomplishments being made – the new current position – in real time.
  1. Communicate directly with one another so that messages are clear and personalized for individuals.

Our machine enables teams to perform with transparency & clarity – free of organizational waste. Every team member feels a sense of shared purpose every day that allows them to find their passions, love their jobs, and maximize their contributions to team accomplishments. This soulful human power – when harnessed – is nuclear: every team member, maximizing contributions in every decision they make & action they take. 

We engineered a simple machine to generate this power automatically so that leaders can focus on the most important questions that they need to answer: Where are they going today and where are they going tomorrow? 
Step out of a world of organizational waste and into a cloud-based machine that will harness your team’s power at a nuclear level on a direct route to a future that you choose at http://workinginparallel.com.