Working in Parallel

Team Onboarding

“I´ve seen many tools trying and failing to address the biggest issue in all organizations: making people work together efficiently towards a common goal. Parallel finally managed it!”

João Guimarães
CEO MWERT Consultoria, Projetos e Gestão

Why do we want to improve team onboarding?

When we bring on new team members, they bring new thinking from outside of our team. The faster we can help them understand their specific role in the context of our team’s greater purpose, the faster they can start contributing and making our team stronger.

The beginning of the relationship sets the tone for the journey. Onboard fast and smart with energy, or onboard slower with inaccuracies and a perceived lack of real urgency.

Solving your unique problems

Working in Parallel, teams co-create their strategy and execution, improving both as they go. By focusing on continuously improving the current state, it’s easy for new team members to plug right in.

At any point in time, new team members can clearly see their role in the context of the overall operation.

Instantly, outside thinking can be brought into the operation. Processes can continuously improve and everyone wins.

From the moment a new member joins to the moment they can fully participate is a critical time for any operation. That time is part of the investment the team makes in each member.

Working in Parallel, team members can plug in at any time, see their role in the operation and start contributing immediately.

Parallel eliminates the need to create, maintain and go through training programs to understand the team’s current purpose, strategy and execution at any given moment.

How do managers measure the impact of their onboarding program on a new team member’s contribution, engagement and overall performance?

The disconnect is that the purpose of onboarding is to drive these metrics but there is no clean way to connect the dots to performance.

Parallel connects the dots giving managers complete transparency into each individual team member’s engagement and contributions to overall team performance from the moment they join the team.

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