Your Team’s Process for Changing Will Make or Break You

How would you describe your team’s process for implementing change? So after you decide to take action, how good are you at execution?

Don’t feel bad if it’s not a strength. I’ve worked inside hundreds of companies and I’ve honestly never seen a team that really goes after ‘executing change’ holistically.

But if ‘executing change’ isn’t a strength, then it’s a weakness. To make it an advantage, you must have a system for team alignment. Alignment unlocks maximum productivity & agility.

But how do you stay aligned? Today’s communication channels are wild and free. Inside companies, change efforts fail because of communication and awareness. And as a leader, you’re watching data of your team’s past performances while the world is changing under your feet.

The key lever is to stop watching for the results of the changes you are making, and start watching the change itself. And then the change of the change – always staying in the present leaning forward creating positive momentum into the future.

To pull this key lever, all you need to do is structure team communications. We created Parallel to help you structure communications in a manner that enables real-time alignment for maximizing productivity and agility.

Parallel gives you – as a leader – the ability to project your North Star onto your team’s sky where everyone can see it whenever they want. They can see your purpose, your customers, and your goals as bright as the Moon.

In Parallel, you can effortlessly control your North Star as you wish. Your team can follow with ease and simplicity.

If you want to make your team’s ability to change an advantage, then you need to go on the offensive. Go after ‘executing change’ as a team skill. Become exceptional at it. Beat your competitors to every opportunity. Get there faster.

To be truly great, we believe you will need a system and we’re doing our best to continuously improve our first-of-its-kind tool. We have been operating our business in Parallel for years and are confident that working in Parallel will enable you to maximize your team’s productivity, agility and time from the moment you try it.

Create your North Star for your team to follow by creating a free Parallel account at