Blog 8: Maximize Your Time (Life) in a Time Machine

Maximize Your Time (Life) in a Time Machine

Welcome Captain. With the keys to a brand new time machine, you now have a choice to make. 

You could continue traveling in your current manner, or you could take your time machine for a little spin. The fact that you’re here – reading this – suggests that you may be an innovator who craves change – someone who could play a role in reshaping our future world in an empathetic and purposeful way.

If that’s you Captain, then board your time machine right away and start automatically focusing the time you spend working to: 

  1. Create the future you want
    • For the people who are important to you in your role
    • Addressing their priorities 
    • Focusing investments & efforts
    • Enhancing lives into the future
  1. Increase your value to your employer
    • Aligning your priorities directly with their priorities
    • Producing more value faster for your boss & your organization
    • Maximizing the quality of the service you provide 
    • Empowering you to demand more from your current employer, or your next one
  1. Build stronger working relationships
    • Sharing a common purpose
    • Fighting for that purpose every day, side-by-side
    • Winning by fulfilling that purpose together
  1. Simplify work to free your time
    • Focusing team collaboration and communication on winning
    • Repurposing all of that liberated time to enhance your work & your life
  1. Gain clarity in your role & in your life
    • Seeing your career more clearly
    • Spending more of your time bringing clarity to your life

There are positive things happening in the world today. But there are also great opportunities for improvement. If you are working hard to make a positive impact on the lives of others, then use a time machine to make the impact of your time greater, faster.

Your time machine is ready to transport you & your team to any future world you wish at

It’s your time, Captain. Make the most of it!