Your Vehicle for Time Travel (Change) Is Ready for Departure

Welcome Captain. We’ve been expecting you & understand change is needed.

You’re the first one aboard so you’re in charge. A quick overview: your time machine is designed to transport you and your team to a future point in time on the fastest, most efficient route possible. Your time machine’s navigation system is simple to use:

  1. Set your destination

What future world do you have your sights set on? 

A world where: 

  • parents and their autistic children receive services that efficiently maximize their family quality of life?
  • kidney patients receive integrated care that keeps them out of the hospitals living high quality lives?
  • people are able to fully trust the products they purchase and the environments in which they live are safe?
  • your customers’ lives are greatly enhanced and they become loyal to your solution?

Where are you going?

What changes are you making? Set your destination as a group of goals – as many as you need. Collectively, your goals paint the picture of the future world you are transporting to.

  1. Bring everyone onboard

Invite your team to connect their roles to your goals:

  • The people responsible for each of your goals
  • The people contributing to each of your goals
  1. Transport together

Track progress to your destination on a shared display:

  • Your Goals – showing how your team is progressing towards goal targets.
  • Your Customers – showing how your team is performing for the customers who are critical to the success of your journey.
  • Your Team – showing who on your team is doing what.
  1. Set a new destination at anytime

The best part about your time machine is that you can set a completely new destination or alter your destination at any time:

  • When your environment changes 
  • When your customers’ priorities change
  • When your team’s priorities change
  • Whenever you need to change

With a time machine, you’re ready to respond to emergent change simply by navigating to a new destination – adding new goals, removing outdated goals or changing existing goals.

We hope you have enjoyed this intro into how your time machine can transport you & your team to the future world you wish to create on the fastest, most efficient route possible. 

Your actual time machine – which you can brand with your team name & logo – is available right now for all of your time-traveling (change-making) needs at

Please don’t hesitate to click on the Intercom button to communicate with us if you have questions or need guidance on your expedited journey to the attainment of your goals.